Free Website Offer Terms

Terms of Offer

Our website address is:

1. Free Website Design:

  • The cost of website design is entirely complimentary (R0) for clients who initiate their business advertising with us.

2. Standard Website Maintenance:

  • Ongoing website maintenance, encompassing updates and minor changes, is provided at no charge (R0 per month).

3. Domain Registration:

  • Clients are responsible for covering the cost of domain registration, amounting to R89.

4. Hosting Requirements:

  • The designed website must be hosted on AdsNet servers for a minimum duration of 12 months.

5. Management Fees:

  • Monthly campaign management incurs management fees.

6. Monthly Hosting Fee:

  • A monthly hosting fee of R149 per domain/website is applicable.

7. Advertising Commitment:

  • Clients are required to run ads for a minimum of 3 out of 12 months before the full ownership transfer is initiated.

8. Access to Marketing Tools and Website Platform:

  • Clients will enjoy full access to our suite of marketing tools and the website platform.

9. Exemptions for Significant Advertising Investment:

  • Clients spending a minimum advertising budget of R20,000 per month shall be exempt from the following restrictions:
    • (i) Domain registration fees
    • (ii) Hosting on AdsNet servers
    • (iii) The obligation to run ads for at least 3 – 12 months before full ownership transfer.