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How to design your own website

Over the last decade or so, we have seen an increase in search queries on the search term “How to design your own website” from Google Search. What is intriguing is that this search trend has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. This has left us pondering on what this trend means and what is behind this increase in the need to know how to design one’s own website.

We came up with some very interesting observations, and we were also able to note some possible causes for this trend.

In this article, we seek to decipher this phenomenon and also help anyone seeking to know how one can design their own website, with a solid idea of how and where to start.


  • With the boom of the dot com in the late ’90s, the growth of the internet has not stopped since then and is not stopping anytime soon.
  • The increase in the significance of e-commerce to business trade continues to put pressure on all businesses to reinvent their services and marketing strategy in line with the demands of a digital world.
  • The cost of getting one’s business online, while significantly cheaper than a decade ago, for startups, especially those seeking to offer unique functionalities and services, is not always affordable for many, hence the need to find more affordable DIY Web Design solutions.
  • The price disparity on the cost of website design services is shocking. A similar website can be quoted between R999 and R20,000, depending on who is quoting and who they are quoting.
  • While a lot of digital tools are available to help one design a website, it is not always easy for a newbie who is pressed for time to master how to design a fully functional website and start running a successful business on that website. Mastering website design skills can take 2 to 5 years, time that one may not have.
  • As the digital world continues to grow and expand, the nature of services or products that businesses are seeking to take online is getting more and more complex. With digital space being more accessible and affordable, only those with unique ideas can be leaders in their respective sectors, hence those who seek to start new businesses of a unique offering or niche services find themselves seeking the knowledge of how to translate their business idea onto a business website.
  • At the center of it all, it is the growth in digital space, the shift in the way of doing business, globalization, and digitalization of systems that leave almost everyone with no option but to get their business online, and the easiest way to start is getting their services or products online via a website.
  • While there are many more possible observations and reasons for this growing trend of DIY web design, the above, we believe, helps in trying to decipher this trend.

How to design your own website?

The answer, in our opinion, rests within a myriad of variables, some of which are below.

  • a. What functionalities does your website require? Is it simply to showcase your services online or list your products for sale online?
  • b. How complex are the functionalities that you want your website to have? Coupled with this, does your business exclusively rest on usage on mobile devices? Additionally, do you need mobile APPs to have your idea run effectively? If you need a mobile APP, do you need both Android and IOS APPs, or can you do with IOS or Android? What functionalities does your Mobile APP require?
  • c. Do you need both a website and a mobile APP?
  • d. What security and backup systems are required for your website to run smoothly and be resilient to cybercrime?

each scenario and answers to it.

Are you the owner of a Small Offline Business (e.g., Plumber)?
If you are a small offline business looking to showcase your services online and need people to find you online and be able to contact you, then this is probably one of the easier websites to design.
To design such a website, you can easily make use of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, among many others. With WordPress taking the lion’s share of small businesses using it for their websites, one can easily start with WordPress, with Joomla being a good option as well.

These CMS systems also come with plugin or website builders that make it easier for someone starting to design their website through their drag and drop functions and ease of use. There are many website builders that one can use, but to avoid confusion, we highlight some of the popular ones starting with WordPress options, which include Elementor, Beaver, DIVI, Visual Composer; while Joomla also has options T4 Page Builder, SP Page Builder, Content Builder, among others.

Are you looking to set up an Online Store / Website?
Let’s now look at someone looking to sell their products online, and here we specifically refer to Physical products and Downloadable Digital Products such as designs, eBooks, etc.
Both Content Management Systems WordPress and Joomla provide for the setting up of an online website via plugins options. The most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins are WooCommerce and BigCommerce; while Joomla has J2Store, VirtueMart, HikaShop extension, and many others. These plugins and extensions can be installed onto the CMS systems WordPress or Joomla, and they add the functionality to add and list products, including handling transactions such as checkout and even link to payment gateways to purchase goods online.

It is important to note that other than WordPress and Joomla options, there are now many platforms that are much easier to use to start selling products online and these include Shopify, WIX, OpenCart, Magento, etc. These platforms make it much easier for startups to set up their online store and eliminate the complexities of hosting, DNS setup, by charging a fee for setting up your store on their online platform with their inbuilt shop builders. Users can drag and drop sections and design the outlook of their store, including adding some standardized functionalities such as Checkout and handling payments via their party payment gateways such as PayPal. Such platforms (Shopify / Magento/ OpenCart) are also now being used for more complex websites, due to the advancement of their functionalities and ability to host and manage more complex functions and different designs and layouts.

Are you looking to offer a Unique Service Platform (E-commerce)?
Now, if you are looking to develop an online platform where users / people can interact & transact in a specific, unique manner, platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even more straightforward services platforms, you will need a skilled Software or Website Developer and more specifically a team of developers, as this requires not just special skills, but it comes with a lot of work that requires more than two hands. In our opinion, if you are searching this in a search engine, we presume you are a newbie in web design and development, hence our suggestion would be to find a team of developers to assist you.

With globalization, you can secure the services of specialists from across the globe, and we think it would be fair to suggest that one can find some of the best developers from countries such as India at very affordable fees compared to other markets such as Europe or Africa.
One can also use platforms such as, Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal


With the above in mind, we can say that as a newbie, there are certain websites that you can learn to design and will probably not require hiring the services of a skilled, experienced designer or website developer. However, as a newbie, there are certain platforms or websites that you are better off raising capital to secure the services of skilled persons, due to the complexity of the functionalities of your website, and also the amount of work to be done. Even where you use Open Source code, to customize it to meet specific needs, can be as daunting as starting a new design.

So how do you design your website? The answer is, depending on the website that you require, for simpler websites, you can make use of CMS systems and page builders to design your website. These (CMS systems) come with easy-to-use drag and drop functions that most people can learn and master in a very short period, with sufficient dedication.

However, for more complex platforms / websites, you are better off securing the services of skilled software or website developers. They will help you achieve your goal much quicker, but more importantly ensure you have adequate security and backup in place. Without adequate security and backup systems, your website can easily come tumbling down like a deck of cards, the moment hackers see value in your website or how they can use it for their gains.

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